Conspiracy was published in the book “Shoe Obsession”: this sumptuously illustrated book explore western culture’s fascinations with extravagant and fashionable shoes. High-heeled shoes in particular, have become the fashion accessory of the twenty-first century. Avant-garde styles by upcoming designers such as Gianluca Tamburini are also highlighted.

Shoe Obsession examines recent extreme and fantastical shoe styles in relation to the history of high heels, the role of shoes as a reflection of their wearers’ personality traits, and the importance of shoes in art and exhibitions. The book is lavishly illustrated with full color photographs of the spectacular contemporary shoe designs. Valerie Steele co-author of the book with Coleen Hill, is director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

Conspiracy will be published in the “Top design” yearbook 2016 with the model “Phoenix”.

Conspiracy “Mardi Gras” was published in the book “Killer heels: the art of shoes in fashion”. This book edited by Lisa Small explores the rich cultural history of the high heel and its relation to power, fantasy, sexuality, and identity. Comprising shoes by well-known and emerging shoe designers and fashion houses, it includes the archetypal forms of the elevated shoe: the stiletto, the original killer heel and icon of fantasy and fetish; the wedge, a melding of height and stability; and the platform, the oldest form of elevated shoe and the one that has encompassed some of the most extreme and flamboyant designs in footwear history. The designs, some traditional and some conceptual, explore the sculptural, architectural and artistic possibilities of the high heel, often using innovative or unexpected materials or techniques. Displaying surprising structures and shapes, many push the limits of functionality and even legibility, subverting expectations of what a high heel is or how can look.