Shoewear company Conspiracy is identified with a product that combines technology, craftsmanship and fashion, in a perspective linked to the excellence of Made in Italy. The plan is to make wearable jewelry, interpreting the luxury and the exclusivity of the third millennium.
That is the reason why Gianluca Tamburini has created a line of shoewear, real engineering structures, which encapsulate a dual personality, aesthetics and technology. Evolution, transformation, diversification: these are the three key words to define the philosophy of Conspiracy, which has its molecular essence, made up of many particles exploded and recomposed in materials such as aluminum, titanium, silver, plant/vegetable forms, biological, phytomorphic volumes and dense, smooth and bright.

The shoe model created by Conspiracy is like a jewel with a thousand faces. Designed in Italy by Gianluca Tamburini, Conspiracy’s collection of shoes is a fine blend of jewelry, sculpture and design. Corals, feathers, natural crystals and gems reflect bright colors on the patiently hand polished shoes, made of aeronautical-aluminum and palladium. This precious piece of wearable jewelry is unique like the woman who wears it

Today’s Designer in the Spotlight Gianluca Tamburini belongs among the latter. For a brand spankin’ new talent, Tamburini is already multi-awarded so you’d think he would be one of those people who’d always known their future would be in shoes. But no, Tamburini’s background is actually in cars. He built his skills in the automotive industry, further honed it at his Fashion Marketing Communication studies at Polimoda, and then dove right in into working on his ambitious project of designing shoes that he describes as like “jewels that can be worn on the feet.” But because of Tamburini’s automotive background, his yarn-embellished, coral-crusted, and jewel-studded shoes also use materials such as aeronautical aluminum, galvanic palladium, and nanoceramic coatings, which are the very same components used in Formula One racing cars.

And all of his shoes can be disassembled and the parts combined with other elements from a different shoe. You can basically customize a Gianluca Tamburini shoe whichever way you want to.