“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes.
I had one thousand and sixty.”
-Imelda Marcos

The price of shoes is rising. “Why are designer shoes so damned expensive all of a sudden?” demanded blogger Jenna Sauders. By 2015, the average pair of shoes cost between 700$ and 1,200$, and many styles, even those by lesser known designers, cost well over 1,200$- more than twice what they cost a decade earlier.
Add embellishment or exotic skins, and the price can easily exceed 2,000$.
The cost of raw materials, such as leather and crocodile, has certainly gone up, but some observers, such as George Malkamus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, wonder if companies are also taking advantage of the fact that “It’s all about accessories now”.

Accessories came to the fore in part because designer ready to wear had become too expensive for most consumers, but also because modern clothing fashion have become more uniform, casual, and (relatively) androgynous.

Shoes and bags provide more excitement and a higher fashion quotient for less money.
Shoes in particular give women the opportunity to have fun with fashion – to look fierce one day, then whimsical, then ultra chic.
This is not so much a revelation of your personality, as it is a way of expressing aspects of your persona, your attitudes and feelings.
Although it is possible to do this with clothing fashions, it may seem riskier, more complicated, and expensive.