Sandal-shaped Jewels

Gianluca Tamburini’s line of “sandal-shaped jewels”, called Conspiracy, was founded in 2010.Conspiracy shoes effortlessly combine technology and aesthetics. Heels and soles are made from materials such as lightweight titanium, which is cast into sculptural forms. The silhouettes of the shoes are then highlighted by semi-precious stones and other lavish embellishments. When Gianluca Tamburini displayed his first collection of shoes to his female friends, they were speechless and women still become tongue tied; awed into silence in the presence of these fantastic creations. Gianluca Tamburini creates jewelry for the feet – for our purpose, they may also be referred to as shoes. The shoes are confections, they are sculptural masterpieces, they are technological marvels – rather miraculously they are engineered so that heel comes apart and can be interchanged – to say that they are objects of desire for a die-hard shoeholic is an understatement.

Gianluca Tamburini inspiration for his concept and brand is exemplified and personified by Bjork’s music video “All is full of love”. The video directed by Chris Cunningham made a deep impact to Tamburini: it was sexual, technological, polished, frozen, passion, delicate. The video features two robots in love and encapsulates perfectly the union of technology and biology that exemplifies his shoes.
Tamburini’s twin passion for communication and fashion led him to obtain an eclectic mix of educational experiences – he has a bachelor’s degree in economics followed a bachelor’s in marketing, then a master in Fashion Marketing Communication and Special Events Organization, specialization course in Visual Merchandising and a private specialization course in shoe design.

Gianluca Tamburini hails from Modena, Italy which is also the hometown of Ferrari and other mechanical and aeronautical industries. This is where some of the inspiration for the technical brilliance of his shoes come from. The insoles are crafted from aircraft Aluminum alloy – just one example of the way in which Tamburini combines aesthetics with cutting edge technology. His shoes suggest silver, titanium, vegetal matter and other evolutionary aspects.
He also brings the best traditions of Italian shoe making to his craft. Some of the best artist craftsmen, polishers, painter and modelers from North Italy help in making these creations truly unique and precious. The original “sculptural stiletto” were custom made for women who met with the designer and indicated their particular presence for this foot jewelry. Rules of angles and geometry that are generally applied to shoe craft are abandoned in favor of creating footwear that is molded to the silhouette of female foot.
Tamburini’s shoes have been broadcasted in Takashimaya in Tokyo, Sack’s Fifth Avenue in New York, The shoe Obsession Exhibition at the museum at FIT in New York, The Stardust jewelry exhibition at Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, and Milan Fashion Week.

Over 100 work hours go into the creation of each individual pair from conceptualization to realization to enable the client to personalize each shoe. The actual human input, from the design visualization to the actual handcrafting of these truly unique and exclusive shoes sets them apart fro other shoes. Decorative stones, intricate embroidery, engraving and other sculptural elements combine to draw the eye of a true shoe connoisseur.
When asked who is muse might be, Tamburini sais, “Passion is my first muse”. Tamburini is one of the winners of “Who’s on Next?” a fashion scout contest created by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma. He also received the Polimoda award for innovative fashion production research and marketing from Linda Loppa.

Conspiracy shoes feature some fantastic designs such as Caviar and Beluga – the small black embellishments that encrust the heel and the shoe uppers and straps immediately indicate how appropriately named the shoes are. The eponymous shoe design Biotech features a stunningly sculpted heel.
The shoe design called “Scilla” accurately is highly evocative and recalls to mind the mythical monsters of the Mediterranean: Scylla and Charybdis, with the convoluted amber fronds that constitute the heel.
The “Bollicine” features a shoe of pristine white embellished with stunning white beadwork. “Vivienne” features silver studs and shiny black Swarovski crystals.

The Amazon features spectacularly colorful peacock feather features at the heel and strings of period stones at the ankle.
Paris, Maya, Poisonneuse, Tarita are some of the other dazzling designs that have stunned many women into rapturous speechless-ness in front of Conspiracy.
“If you have an interest/love for shoes, not necessarily from the perspective of fashion, but more of how shoes influence your body language and your attitude, then I think it is natural to be drawn to high heels because they truly transform a woman’s body. My project shoes have always been meant as a total experiments that I often didn’t intend anyone else to see, made purely because I wanted to test something or push an idea to its limits. However, when some journalists and press saw Conspiracy, they wanted to feature it and we ended up getting orders. In this way one could say my shoes are not art, because they were sold, but when I designed them, selling was never the purpose, so therefore they could be regarded as art.”