Suzy said

“Suddenly, it’s shoe’s the thing,” observed fashion journalist Suzy Menkes in 2008. “And it’s mostly because the big brand that have made a killing with designers handbags have switched their attention to feet, where nothing is too fancy, frivolous, froufrou, or fetishistic to fit with fashion.

According to Menkes, after a decade in the spotlight, the big, flashy designer bag had become a victim of “ fashion fatigue,” leaving room for a new star accessory. Even after a global economy entered a prolonged downturn, stores continued to expand the space devoted to footwear.

New York opened a shoe department in 2012 that brought men’s and women’s shoes together, covering 22,000 square feet, while Macy’s had invested $400 million to redesign its Herald Square store, including what they describe as “the world’s largest” shoe floor, which will hold approximately 300,000 pairs of shoes: this means Macy’s shoe floor is bigger than Selfridges in London, hitherto the world’s biggest shoe department. The press cover the battle among fashion retailers to conquer the footwear category as though it were a war.