Talk Shoe

What does fashion mean to you and the general public?

Fashion is really about the construction of your body’s identity, so it is not just high fashion for women, it’s men’s fashion, street fashion, cosmetics, tattooing : it’s any way you are constructing your exterior identity.

Do you view shoes as an extension of the body?

I would definitely say that shoes are the most significant accessory. The whole shoe/foot relationship is extremely important in fashion and sexual fetishism. The shoe is an unusual item of clothing inasmuch as it has its own identity, even apart from the body. There is a sense of confidence involved in wearing shoes. If you have confidence, you are automatically sexier. If you wear certain clothes or shoes, it not only effects how you hold your body, but also how you feel about yourself, and therefore how you’re interacting with other people.

What about shoes as an art form?

Artists play with shoes while sociologist discuss the Cinderella story and conclude with : “ So there is fetishism, manipulation, pain. Fashion in a nutshell.” Shoes a re a form of extreme artificiality, particularly with high heels. For fetishists, they lift feet out of banal normalcy and dress them up into a fantasy object.

What advice would you give to an aspiring shoe designer?

It’s the same I would give to an aspiring fashion designer: it’s not enough knowing how to sketch, you have to be able to make it. Just like a fashion designer you have to really grasp how to make patterns. I think that the more knowledge an aspiring shoe designer can have about the artistry and high technology of making shoes, the better. I visited many shoe factories in Italy and what they do is amazing, from the craftsmanship and hand stitching to laser cutting. It makes you realize the difference between cheap shoes and good shoes.

What do you think really makes a shoe beautiful?

I think sexual attraction is at the core of the idea of fashionable beauty, but women are much more promiscuous: they are willing to find beauty in many different shapes.

What do you think shoes will be like in the future?

If I had a second sight about that, I would probably make a lot more money than I do!.